October 10, 2011
Okay, I'm done setting dates and expectations...I'll just keep this page updated with progress, lol. I feel bad for telling peeps the second time around it would happen, and it didn't. That time, it was--weeell, enough with excuses, right? Ha!

For regular, steady updates, join the

...or just stalk it, you don't have to join to look at stuff.

Sorry, that place was being spammed HARD from unuse. Cards are being revamped. And I'm kind of busy, so just bookmark this page and check back occasionally. I will also keep steady updates at Unity TCG Database.

For any questions, suggestions, praise comments, please contact either of us at lady.dinobugATgmailDOTcom. If you're good with scripting and would like to help, that would definitely speed the process along!

See you...soon?
Lady DinoBug & Mousey